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I Just Wanna Fall In Love
but nothings easy, even for a Hastings

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Oh. Hi there. I'm Milly Hastings. 16. I'm the real queen of this town so bow down bitches.


What the hell do you mean? I did no such thing! image

Oh right, I must have imagined it all. So stupid of me.

@sillymilly: so fucking happy I got AP Bio. better than AP Psych. #fuckyoupsychteacher

Milly, open the window


Nah, I’m just sexy as fuck once we’ve gotten wasted.


Ehh don’t get ahead of yourself.

Anonymous: *trips you so you fall onto danny's dick*

What the fuck?



I’m not sure how that’s supposed to be an insult but…alright? 


If I tried? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I could. Good thing I don’t want to try, though.

Yes, it is, let me make it clear for you, you have one ugly ass name. I can tell your mother hates you.

HA, that’s fucking hilarious. Aw but you don’t, that really offends me, I’m gonna cry my eyes out.


Yeah. I knew I would just do something stupid if I saw her for any longer.


But Milly… I miss her

Then talk to her.


To go with your stupid ass face.


Keep it in your fucking pants. You’re dismissed.

Dude, your name is Memphis. I think the only thing worse than that is Gertrude. Congrats on being named after the largest city in Tennessee.

[laughs] Oh god no. I know you’re one of the town whores and your brain automatically transfers statements into something sexual, but you couldn’t get me that kind of excited even if you tried.


Oh, go to Hell, Milfred.


Really, Milfred? Another stupid ass nickname? Please, I’ll be there soon enough. Was that really all you wanted to tell me cause you kind of got me excited for no reason.